3 Helpful Tips to Get the Most out of Your Retail Packaging Design

retail packaging designThere is no “correct” way to do business, though there are several tricks that are used by just about every successful company in the world. Regardless of how great your product may be, it means nothing if you are not investing in attractive retail packaging design.

Consumers are much more impulsive than you may think, and the quality of your retail packaging boxes plays a direct role in their decision to buy or neglect your product. Often times, customers don’t even realize they need a product until its packaging catches their eye. Retail packaging design gives you the opportunity to get creative with your brand and show consumers that you are head and shoulders above the competition.

Custom product packaging may not seem like a big deal, but you’ll notice an immediate uptick in business after making a few key changes to your design. Here are three helpful tips that will help you get the most out of your retail packaging design:

  • Go with corrugated cardboard
    Before you can get creative with colors and font, you need to start with the basics. Corrugated packaging has been the cost-efficient preferred packaging solution for over a century and for good reason. Since corrugated cardboard is so inexpensive and readily available, you can reallocate this extra money to spend on other endeavors. Also, most recycled corrugated packages contain 46% recycled material, which has a low environmental impact on non-renewable energy.
  • Stay unique and to-the-point
    A recent article in Packaging Digest revealed that consumer decision-making boils down to just five seconds at the retail shelf; in other words, packaging design matters! If your package is plain, brown, and boring, customers will never get the chance to experience everything your company has to offer.
  • Point of purchase displays
    Corrugated display boxes are a key factor in capitalizing on the impulsive buying decisions of consumers. You can have the most unique and appealing retail packaging in the world, but it can all be for naught if your product is not prominently displayed.

There are several other custom packaging ideas that you should be taking advantage of such as pallet displays, but the three solutions listed above should be at the top of your priority list. Start investing in custom retail packaging design and take your business to another level.