3 Reasons Product Packaging Matters

custom packaging solutionsMany people do not actively think about the packaging of products, but subconsciously, consumers are. The decisions and impressions that consumers experience when it comes to buying or passing on your product come down to the packaging and branding they see on the shelf. In some cases it even has a bigger impact on the consumer’s decision than the price! Putting more thought into how you present your product can do wonders for your company and brand. Check out the top reasons to consider your packaging decisions!

Ease of Use
Custom packaging solutions make it easier — or harder — for consumers to open or use your product. Take juice pouches and boxes, for example. They are designed with packaging that makes it easy for everyone to access the product in a way that makes sense for the product to be consumed. Thought went into that decision.

Buying Decisions
Did you know that 70% of purchasing decisions are made while the consumer is in a store? In addition, Packaging Digest reports that consumers now make buying decisions within five seconds in front of a retail shelf. With both of these statistics in mind, it is clearly incredibly important to put thought into retail packaging boxes. Retail packaging design, like custom boxes with logos on them, are what will jump out to the consumer and make them choose your product.

Printed retail packaging is incredibly important to your branding. These packages are what people who buy or don’t buy your product are making their decisions based on. They are getting their first impression (and sometimes only impression) of your business based on the branding they see in packaging. About 90% of products in North America are also displayed in corrugated packaging at some point. Consider this and see results!

Do you put thought into your custom packaging solutions? Did you know that it had such a heavy impact on your sales and company overall? Are there any things you’ll be changing with this information?