5 Questions to Ask When You Need Customized Packaging

customized packagingCustomized packaging for retail, shipping, pallet displays, and more can really add an extra layer of sophistication, brand recognition, and pizzazz to your product delivery. In fact, recent studies suggest that a bulk of consumer decision making happens within just five seconds, so your ability to attract eyeballs to your packaging is essential when it comes to making sales.

But how can you know what you really want or need out of your custom branded packaging? Here are five questions to ask yourself or discuss with your packaging designers in order to make the most out of your product’s packaging.

Are you adding a new product, or looking to re-brand?

The exterior packaging of any product is the foremost way to communicate your brand to your clients. Sometimes, you may be simply looking for a packaging solution for a new product that you want to mesh well with your existing aesthetic. Other times, it may be time for a complete overhaul. Consider your customized packaging in terms of your next move.

What makes your product different from your competitors’?

In other words, why should a customer choose your product over another one that’s similar? It could be important to play up these features with the packaging, so that your advantages are apparent from the start.

Are there any legal requirements necessary for your packaging?

Think about your product in terms of regulations, especially if you are in something like the food and beverage or cosmetics industry. Be careful about making claims and be sure to include all necessary disclaimers.

What’s your deadline?

This is an important piece of information to share with your customized packaging designers, and may influence just how much you can expect out of the job. An amazing idea that requires a lot of customization will usually take longer than straightforward custom logo boxes, for instance.

What kind of protection do you need?

If you’re shipping sensitive or fragile materials across the country, don’t forget to account for protective insulation in your packaging, too. This may come in the form of padding, peanuts, or bubble wrap, but you may be able to find a way to incorporate it into the overall customer packaging experience.

Ready to build your next customized box? Contact us today to learn more about how to make the most out of your product packaging.