6 Iconic Packages That You’ll Immediately Recognize

branded packagingCustom branded packaging is something that most buyers don’t think about, but immediately recognize. That’s not mistake, either. An article from Packaging Digest shows that consumers will make their decisions in less than five minutes when shown different brands of similar products. Almost always, they will gravitate to a more familiar or attractive package.

Familiarity is one of the biggest edges that some companies have over their competition, and their packages are synonymous with their products. Here are some of the most iconic packages that you’re sure to recognize.

  1. Tiffany and Co.
    Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue boxes — often referred to as “Tiffany blue” these days — are timeless and a huge representation of the brand. Minimalist and clean, these packages, often tied up with beautiful white satin bows, are immediately recognizable.
  2. Campbell’s
    The inspiration behind Andy Warhol’s most famous work is classic and still lines grocery store shelves to this day. It’s no wonder that Campbell’s is still America’s favorite brand of soup.
  3. Heinz
    Heinz ketchup bottles, particularly the original glass ones, are what comes to mind when anyone thinks “ketchup.” These days we are more familiar with the plastic, squeezable variety, but the label is virtually the same.
  4. Chanel No.5
    This classic fragrance beams elegance and simplicity. The humble, square label marked with sans serif, black font is immediately recognizable, even without the signature Chanel logo. The perfume, as well as it’s packaging, revolutionized fragrance in Paris in the early 20th century and continues to be one of the most well-sought after perfumes on the market today.
  5. McDonald’s Happy Meals
    Who could miss the golden arches? The arches as the box’s handle is both practical and eye catching, and integrates the company’s logo into custom product packaging, which is eye catching for all hungry kids.
  6. Marlboro
    Even now that cigarettes can’t be advertised on television, Marlboro’s sharp packaging still remains familiar to those who have seen the product behind the convenience store counter or remember when ads were still aired.

Branded boxes and packaging are important for any company, and if you’ve been inconsistent with your packaging it’s likely that you’re losing loyal customers that would have gladly bought your product had they recognized it on the point of purchase display.

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