The Best Packaging We Saw in 2017

2017 saw a huge increase in subscription boxes.  As huge fans of (and makers of) packaging of all kinds, we love it when we see something special.  So for today’s post, to celebrate the New Year, we thought we would regale you with just a few of the coolest things we saw this year.  Please feel free to add any pictures in the comments if you think there’s something we missed.



Who knew that bow ties needed their own boxes?  Well, at the east coast’s version of Ralph Lauren, Vineyeard Vines, they do!

We had no idea that Amazon offered joke packaging, but they have a whole collection of packages to make everyone in your life smile.

In case you didn’t know Brit+Co offered DIY kits, the box tells you everything you need to know!

We love the idea of the reuseable box.  How fun would it be to get one of these in the mail, especially if you were a pro with needle and thread?


Every woman we know acts like it’s Christmas morning every time a Stitch Fix box shows up on her doorstep.  (And as of last fall the guys can get in on the fun, too) We love the step by step instructions for what happens next, as well as super easy return instructions makes this everyone’s dream alternative to the mall.

Every book lover would be over the moon to get such a fun box.  We love the social buttons on the outside and the tote bag just makes the whole thing!


We hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at how much fun and more importantly valuable to customers packaging can be.


Happy New Year, and if you need help dazzling with your packaging, just call us!