The Best Tips for a Point of Purchase Display That Really Works

point of purchase displayA well designed point of purchase display can stop customers in their tracks. Imagine rounding the corner to find a bright, attractive, and enticing display full of your products — who wouldn’t want to pause and take a look?

Those split-second pauses or double-takes can make all the difference in scoring another sale. Remember thatapproximately 70% of all purchasing decisions are made in-store, but the time it takes to decide between your product and your competitor is as little as five seconds. In other words, your retail packaging design matters.

Consumers today, however, are so accustomed to advertising ploys that not just any point of purchase display will do. So what does it take to create a design that will not only grab shoppers’ eyes, but convince them to pull out their wallets, too?

Target Your Demographic. A simple stand is fine, but it’s not going to turn heads. Think about your audience and their shopping habits. Are you after teenage boys or moms with young children? The answers might help inspire a kind of custom branded packaging display that draws in their attention.

Stay On Brand. At the same time, it’s important that your point of purchase display complements your brand, rather than confusing it. Build a display that shows off the product and its wares, or even consider specialty packaging just for the POP display. It’s important for your advertising to be cohesive across multiple platforms to avoid sending mixed messages.

Give Something Away. A rip-off coupon or sheet with website information can give your potential customers something to hold on to after they’ve walked by your display. In the digital age, many companies instead direct users to an online landing page or website featuring discounts. Even if they’re not ready for a purchase now, they’ll remember your custom product packaging and will be more likely to return to your brand.

Update Often. It’s easy for a point of sale display to quickly blend into the environment if it’s not regularly updated. Using a recyclable material like cardboard (one ton recycled is equal to over nine cubic yards of landfill space) makes for an eco-conscious and easily adjustable display that you can rotate with the seasons or the latest trends.

An effective POP display can drive customer awareness and sales, but only if you let it. Make sure that your display puts your product front and center while making the most out of the marketing potential of the point of sale itself.

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