Bridging to a New Process

When the nearly 100-year-old legacy Bridgford Company came to Packaging Design with a challenge, it didn’t take us long to say yes, and get to work on a solution.  The industry icon, famous for its made in America meat products, was looking to save cost on the displays that it uses to showcase several of it’s quality products.

After careful consideration and quite a few meetings, we proposed that they move away from using a 4 color litho label process and change to a 4-color direct print.  While it is true that typically a direct print process does not produce the same high quality as a litho label, we knew that we could give them the quality they were looking for within the budget that they were looking to spend.

We decided that the best way to achieve the best results possible was to consult directly with Bridgford’s art department.  If we had input on the types of images they were using, as well as the resolution, we could ensure top quality images that did justice to the brand.

We consulted with their art directors, asking questions about photo shoots and photography equipment and giving insights as to how the equipment would process the images, and as a result, the Bridgford photography team was able to capture some stunning images that reproduced extremely well on our direct to substrate presses.

What resulted was beautiful imagery on a high-quality display that both Bridgford and the customers at the retail level have been thrilled with.

Packaging Design was able to save Bridgford 20% per unit and even helped them get new displays to market faster because of the simplified manufacturing process.

The moral of the story is, whether you are looking to save money, save time, or increases the quality of the products you are producing for either display, packaging, or subscription box services, Packaging Design’s professional team of innovators will promise to do two things: We will help you increase the value of the work that you do, or we will help you reduce the cost.

Challenge us.  We are standing by to help you make it happen.