Can You Print White Ink on Kraft Boxes?

It may not be a burning question keeping you up at night, but still, you’ve been wondering. White ink. Can I have it on my kraft box?

One of our favorite words over here at Packaging Design is……


And so, when clients or potential clients come to us and say, “We really want to use a Kraft box, but we hear you (the collective YOU) can’t really print white on it very well. Can you?

And we can happily and proudly say…


The name of the game here is the density of the white ink.  In simplest terms, there are low, medium and high-density ink coverage. So, depending on what kind of a look you are trying to achieve, we can help you to figure out which density of white to use. 

Because there are so many kinds of board colors and board porosity, this process is even further complicated.  Even more reason to make sure when you select a vendor to help you achieve the look you seek, you find someone who really knows their stuff.  (And yes, we know someone)

The bottom line is, we are ink gurus. We hate to brag, but it’s just a fact. Managing corrugated boxes and all the intricacies of humidity and absorption and all the challenges that factors like these pose, well, it’s just or jam.

We don’t expect you to become an expert on all of this, but if you DO want to learn more, we are here to help. We can show you samples and talk to your design teams about how to achieve exactly the look and feel and overall affect that you need.

As always, we are here to help, teach, and make your packaging dreams come true.

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