Who Cares About Damage Control?

If you are in the business of making a thing, putting that thing in a package and sending that thing to a customer, chances are you care about damage, whether explicitly or implicitly.  Depending on what your role is, though, you care about damage control for different reasons and in different ways.

If you are the Marketing Manager, nothing matters more to you than the integrity of the brand image.  The graphics and the design, and how those things are viewed by the end user are everything to you.


A Production Manager, however, is all about efficiency and getting the product out of someone’s brain and into someone else’s hands.


Our favorite number cruncher, the Purchasing Manager, stays focused on maintaining low prices from vendors while keeping quality as high as possible


Operations Managers, (AKA the Multi-Tasking Ninja) is all about the bottom line. This person must keep his/her eye on ALL the balls, from claims to damages to customer satisfaction.


So now that we know who you are and what you care about and why, let’s talk about the good stuff:  What kinds of tools you have at your disposal to minimize your damages.


Blocking/Bracing –If your package/product is larger and can be breakable, these materials can help to alleviate shock/vibe and breakage. Some solutions include: honeycomb packaging, corrugated partitions, and custom foam solutions. 

Abrasion Protection – poly bags or tubing, bubble wrap, rolled foam, or custom foam solutions are your go-to answers for solving the problem of scuffing.  Consult with your trusted partner to figure out which foam you’ll need for a glass or metal surface and when a poly bag will fit the bill

Damage Control – when it’s time to pull out the big guns and really focus on reducing your damage rate and analyzing your cost relative to damage rates, we suggest you look for a partner who has an in-house design team, as they likely have solved your problem before, or at least have the resources to design and sample solutions for you to test in real world shipping scenarios. Some common solutions in this category include bubble wrap, custom foam solutions, Korrvu packaging, or Foam-In-Place chemicals. 

We know how important your brand and your image are to EVERYONE at your organization. Your customers are the most important to you, and how they receive your precious cargo and how it looks when it arrives matter more than just about anything in your supply chain. We are standing by to address all your needs, answer your questions, and make recommendations on the best scenarios for your unique needs.