Challenge Accepted

Branding is the act of shaping perceptions with consistent action and images. When it comes to your subscription box brand, as with everything you do, consistency is vitally important.  When Cloth and Paper (check them out here) came to us to help them with their two distinct offerings, pens and planners, we knew we had to get it just right. As a luxe brand, their image is everything, and their clean black and white packaging for their monthly subscription services must be perfect.

Challenge accepted.

Black by its nature is hard to print for several reasons.  For starters, it is hard to get good consistent coverage with black because if not done properly you will see streaking or poor coverage exposing the corrugated beneath. Part of this is an issue with the board itself (corrugated is porous and an imperfect surface to create good coverage). Corrugated also tends to have tremendous “rub”, meaning that the ink can come off on your hands because it is so dark.

So why is Packaging Design such an expert at achieving such great results with full coverage black and white on corrugated products?  Here are the three main reasons.

  1. New equipment – We put a lot of time, energy and talent into choosing state of the art equipment, and ours is new(ish) having just had it’s 5th birthday earlier this year. We also decided to use a third-party company to maintain and service it, so we get rapid response times which keeps downtimes to a minimum and turnaround times lightning fast.
  2. Operator expertise – Having been in the business for fifty years, we employ the kinds of people who live and breathe print and packaging. Many of our team members have decades of experience and know what to look for, how to troubleshoot, and how to communicate internally, with clients, and with suppliers to get the best possible product from our equipment.  In many cases, frequent adjustments must be made to achieve the best possible coverage and drying conditions to produce the look and feel that is required.
  3. Collaborative relationships with suppliers – Because of our long-standing reputation in this business and the decades of experience, we have established and cultivated superior relationships with both our ink and board suppliers. When it comes to ink, our partners have created low rub inks as well as ones that dry quickly to help further reduce the rub and as a result, that saturated black looks fantastic and most importantly, arrives at its destination looking great.

We’ve never met a box that we couldn’t produce to the highest quality standards with an eye to the end users’ high demands.  We know all there is to know about getting you the look you need within your budget all while keeping your exacting branding standards in mind.

Contact us today to find out how we can be of service to you and help you maintain your brand integrity.  We are up to the challenge.