POP Part 2 – Display Types Explained

Last time we met here in the blogosphere we taught you all about WHY POP displays are used, and why they are downright awesome.  Today we are going to switch gears and talk to you specifically about some common types of display units themselves, and why you might pick one solution over another. If you want to do more reading on this subject, there is a great article here

  1. Shelf/ Counter Displays – Remember, the name of the game with all POP displays is ATTENTION. Items that go in and around the cash wrap should be high margin, impulse type of merchandise. Temporary corrugated solutions are the perfect fit for seasonal products as well as for times when branding is crucial, as opposed to permanent installations which allow for less flexibility.
  2. Floor Stands – a great way to engage with shoppers at specific areas in a store, floor stands allow retailers to choose the best possible placement of merchandise, and even lets them move a display to try more than one option based on sales and customer interest.
  3. End Caps – File this one in the “you learn something new every day” Endcap displays are often leased to a brand by a store. Whoa. We did not know that. (well, some of us did but we’re keeping it a secret) At any rate, end caps get a LOT more eyeballs on them, than those poor schmoes in the aisles. Endcaps are the belles of the ball and enjoy a BIG competitive advantage.
  4. Pallet Displays – You’ll most often spy these beauties in supermarkets and club stores like CostCo, and they are a hybrid of shipping container and display unit. While a 48”x40” pallet has pretty much been industry standard, smaller pallets (¼ pallet and ½ pallet) are climbing the charts. There can be many reasons for smaller sizes, including smaller loading docks, smaller doors, or less floor space. Additionally, supply chains trying to eliminate case picking may palletize smaller loads on smaller pallets.

The big takeaway is that as much as 50% of retail buying decisions can be driven by POP displays of all types. If you are not in the POP game yet, now might be the time.

If you already are but you’d like a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at what you are doing and try to find ways to improve on your current situation or help you strategize new goals and a new approach, we are HAPPY to be those eyes.