Express Yourself – Custom Boxes are Your Ticket to Branding Wonderland


Whether you are going for artsy, smart, totes adorbs or dude approved, corrugated packaging is a great way to not only protect your precious cargo but help you tell the world who you are and what matters to you. However, there are some common mishaps that designers have experienced, and we here at Packaging Design want to help you avoid those slip ups to make sure you’ve got all the right moves.


  1. Where can they find you/contact you? – ink is relatively inexpensive so once you decide to print your packaging, don’t forget to include your web site address and an any additional branding messages. If you use a green box like a recycled content box, let your customers know it.
  2. Don’t forget the shipping label – it is usually at least 4” x 6” and tends to occupy a lot of valuable space, especially on small boxes. Work that into your layout and consider using a wraparound shipping label to seal your box closed at the same time.
  3. Not all graphics translate well to corrugated board. Remember, looking at images on a monitor or as they are printed on fine white printing paper is not the same as printing on corrugated board. Some fonts and designs can be a problem, as well as some reverse prints. Make sure you have someone reputable and experienced in what works and what doesn’t to put another pair of eyes on your project.
  4. Colors often tend to print darker on corrugated board, even on white corrugated but especially on dark corrugated. Also, all corrugated board, including that with high recycled content tends to vary a great deal in terms of color. Keep that in mind as you select your ink colors.
  5. Save yourself potential problems and ink upcharges by using GCMI colors whenever possible. These are the colors readily available to the corrugated industry without minimums or additional charges. Want to learn more? Check this


You are undeniably the expert when it comes to making the magic happen when it comes to your products, and we are the ideal partner for you when it comes to making the package look pretty and, just as importantly, making sure it arrives in one piece and that the unboxing experience is a real dazzler. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so consider partnering with an expert organization who has known packaging for over 50 years.  Reach out to us here or on Twitter or Linked In to connect with a real production pro who can ensure that your project happens like magic!