February Love Series: Dear Subscription Box….

Volume One – How Do I love Thee, let Me Count the Ways


Since Febraruy is all about love, we thought we would try to entertain you with some fictional letters to help you understand how people feel about their subscription boxes….

The First letter is an imagined letter from a woman to her monthly clothing box that she is patiently awaiting


Dear Subscription Box

Today is the day!  As I sit by the window, coffee mug in hand, my ears strain for the sound of the Postal Truck engine.  Earlier today my email notifications warned me that you would be coming today, and I just simply cannot wait.  I head back up to my office, trying to concentrate on my deadlines and the calls I have to make today, but it is no easy task.  All I can think about is your beautiful brown corrugated box with the dazzling aqua colored ink on the sides, begging me to rip you open.

I look up from my computer screen at the sound of a door slamming.  No, that is not you, it’s my neighbor off to play Mah Jong.  Two more hours.  I can do this.  Please just don’t let her be late today.  Of all the days, please let the postal woman be on time.  Why am I now thinking of the Beatles?  I google the song.  Oh man, it was actually recorded by the Marvellettes two years before the Beatles made it a hit.  You can see the video here…

Ok – get back to work.  Wait, if I call that client I know we will just end up talking about clothes for 10 minutes if I call right now.  Wait, why is that such a bad thing?  We totally bond over our mutual love for shoes.  OK – I’m gonna call – it will make the time go by faster.

Well that was a good idea – I burned through another 27 minutes.

While I eat my sandwich I am going to make a list of all the reasons I love using subscription box services rather than going shopping.

  1.  I don’t have to drive.
  2. I don’t have to park
  3. I won’t be tempted by the food court
  4. I don’t have to risk being ignored by salespeople that seem to find me invisible
  5. I won’t have to take pictures of myself in a badly lit dressing room and text them to my friends to ask them how I look
  7. I won’t have to ask myself if I am too old/too young/too momish/to hipster wannabe to shop in this store

I think I’ve made my point.  I LOVE the fact that I can just sit at my computer adding cute outfit ideas to my Pinterest page and somehow my stylist always seems to send me at least a couple of items that I would never have picked out for myself but that somehow totally work.

I also just really like using the phrase “my stylist”

I mean.  That just makes me feel so fancy and glamourous.

Ok – I hear the postal truck for real this time.  I never mistake that rumble.

Wish me luck!