It’s So Hot Right Now – 3 Reasons Why Corrugated is a Great Bet for Your Brand

There is no denying it. Packaging is an essential marketing tool.  Visually appealing and highly functional packaging can attract the attention of consumers and elevate your image. Packaging plays an important role in buying decisions and helps your customers get to know you. Current development in the e-commerce market is making it easier for people all over the world to find you and buy from you.  Several emerging economies such as India, Brazil and China are opening their markets to neighboring countries expecting to increase foreign goods consumption, which will in turn stimulate the growth forecast for customized e-commerce packaging. How does corrugated packaging fit it?  Here are just three reasons to chose corrugated for your e-commerce packaging.

1.Increased environmental awareness among customers and growing attention for effective packaging designs have propelled vendors in the market to develop innovative and sustainable packaging products. Taken as a whole, corrugated boxes are an eco-friendly and sustainable form of packaging compared with other forms of packaging, including plastics. Huge investments are made to develop innovative solutions in corrugated box packaging. Overall, it is expected to come up with resistant quality packaging materials in the coming years keeping prime focus on the environmental protection mechanism

  1. Better protection – custom box design can also protect your products better than a generic box is able to. Packaging protection is especially important for e-commerce businesses because of the different way that the shipping process is carried out compared to traditional retail.
  2. A better user experience – Custom box designs can be used to implement an easy return shipping label for your customers. Your business might even find it beneficial to create reusable packaging. Corrugated mailers with tear strips reduce the size for return packaging, making it cheaper on your end to ship the second time.

As the world becomes more global and the potential to sell your products over the entire globe, it makes sense to explore what your options are as you grow and evolve. Today you might be using a standard box with an affixed label, but you might find yourself ready to take the next step to a more customized solution. Partnering with an expert company that can help guide you is essential to your success. Consider Packaging Design to help assess your current situation and recommend a course of action that helps you reach and exceed your goals.  We are here to help.