Attention Grabbers Part 3 – Pallet Skirts

Last month we talked about smaller counter displays and how they help to create the “impulse” buy in places like the check-out counter in stores. This month we are going to go in the opposite direction and talk about those monsters of the warehouse club, the pallet display and pallet skirts. These beautiful beasts are great for displaying colorful graphics and can help make decisions easier for consumers by informing them of price as well as features and benefits.

Because the pallet skirts have large spaces for marketing, many brands take full advantage by using full color to drive the message home. This post will be full of example of just what we mean.


As you well know if you’ve ever set foot inside of a warehouse club, product placement changes very regularly, and the pallet skirt is great for displaying a product ensuring it can be seen from a distance and from all angles. There’s no better way to increase recognition in large aisles and expansive store floors. Pallet skirts create a large format advertisement that helps customers find what they’re looking for and helps brands display and move merchandise quickly and effectively.

Affordability, lightweight overall packaging helps to reduce shipping costs, and ease of assembly are just a few of the major benefits to working with pallet skirts. Additionally, corrugated pallet skirts have the durability to hold lots of bottles, boxes, or packages in high traffic environments. These custom printed skirts hide pallets from view while directing customers to the merchandise they love. It’s a win for the brand, a win for the consumer, and a win for the store!

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