Leather Distributor Upgrades Sales Kit

Packaging Design was recommended to a local leather distributor to help them get a failed project back on track. The company had originally gone to their current “box” supplier hoping to create a high-end sales kit for their sales people. Not being well versed in graphics the current supplier provided them a kit that was poor quality and the project was eventually scraped.

The Challenge

  • Create a high end sales kit that could hold over XX different samples of leather and would continue to look professional while at the customers show room
  • Design a high end sales kit while staying within the clients budget constraints
  • Ensure that the sales kit would be compact enough for the sales people to carry with them on sales calls

The Solution

  • Packaging Design’s creative team quickly designed a kit that could hold all XX samples and was sturdy enough for the sales team to carry with them
  • Packaging Design’s production capability backed up the structural design with the graphics they were looking for
  • This new sales kit enabled the clients sales force to increase their exposure and sales of leather products