Mind The Glass – Protecting your glass products in Shipping

My kids love bubble wrap. Every time we get a glass package (or any package for that matter) that has any kind of bubble wrap in it, they fight over who gets to jump up and down on it and make that loud popping sound.

But not everyone loves bubble wrap. In fact, if your products are made of glass or packaged in glass containers, you are probably trying to figure out a way to safely ship them to your customers WITHOUT having to use bubble wrap.

Well, we have some good news for you. With our custom interior packaging solutions, we focus on minimizing the possibility of external (drop) or internal (product to product) damage, especially on glass products. We can help design an insert that provides separation between products and, if necessary, create an air cell around the product(s) being shipped.

An air cell is a perimeter space or gap between the product and the inside of the shipping box.  Functionally, the box absorbs any impact, and that “shock” is not transferred to the product. Dropping can lead to shattered glass products, especially in the winter time, when glass is more susceptible to temperature.

With glass, there can be so many variables like weight and thickness, so we would love the opportunity to get to look at your product(s) so we can come up with the best solution that gets your product to your customer safely but also with the best possible appearance and aesthetic. Please drop us a line today so we can make arrangements to assess your situation and present you with a custom solution you’ll love.