Inspiration: Seven Creative Re-Uses of your Fantastic Designs

Prepare to have your mind blown!  Just about everyone knows that the phrase Reduce.Reuse.Recycle has made it’s way into the everyday lexicon.  We all want to do our part to help reduce the amount of stuff that makes its’ way to the landfills and oceans and animals bellies of the world, but these folks have taken next level to, well, the NEXT level.  Please take a few moments and click on the links below to get some inspiration, (AND FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS WITH YOUR END USERS) Enjoy and be inspired!

And the seventh one, is, well, my own home.  I have created a “Maker space” in my playroom where my kids have access to every piece of packaging that comes in.  It leaves via artwork that has truly blown my mind in it’s creativity.  I never help them, and yet they come up with staggeringly cool stuff like leaf blowers made of milk jugs, window panes made out of egg cartons, and kites made of twine, and apple pie wrappers.  It makes me so proud that we are going to be staging an art show later this summer with proceeds going to fund local environmental advocacy organizations.

Which one is your favorite?


Please feel free to comment below with any cool re-use ideas that we’ve missed!  Share away!