The Brief and Wondrous Life of a Subscription Box

Today is the day.  Well, today, or tomorrow, or maybe a few days after that.  But it’s gonna be soon.  It’s time for me to fulfill my destiny.

I was conceived in the conference room of an advertising agency, and my life took shape rather quickly.  My life’s purpose was clear from the very outset.  I was to protect and convey my contents from a warehouse, through a carrier service, until I arrive at my destination and into the hands of the person or people who ordered me.

You might think that I would feel sad, or scared, or in some way fearful about my ultimate destination.  But I do not.

You might think that I would feel depressed that my life is so short, and that I will ultimately (I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE) end up in a recycling bin somewhere in the days after I arrive at my destination.

Just remember that my exterior packaging is not all that I am.

It was my purpose all along, from the time when someone thought of making me and, in every day since, I have existed for no other purpose but for the delight or utility of my end user.

Somehow, I just know that I am meant to give joy to the person who has ordered me.

I might be a new outfit, or a learning game, or a barbecue sauce, or some art supplies.  I may be any of those things, or I might be all those things.  Because my arrival is anticipated with joy and mystery and just a hint of the unknown; and yes, even a little trepidation, for we all might fear a bit that which we do not fully know.

And yet that is, in part, what I love about what I do above all else.

The mystery.  The anticipation.  The breathless wonder at what my contents hold in store for the recipient.

This is, indeed, the very genius of the subscription box phenomena, and what is lacking in the exercise of going to a store and choosing and purchasing and even giving a gift.  That is just so obvious.  It’s SO early 2000’s, don’t you think?

No, my way is the NEW way, and more and more people are discovering the magic of me every single day.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to the whims and fancies of the people of today’s world.  There are infinite OF THE MONTH options out there, aren’t there?

Just admit it.  You are more than a little bit jealous of me, aren’t you?  You wish people were as happy to see you as they are to see me.

Perhaps that should be each one of you human’s new mission in life.  To have someone look at you the way they look at the mailbox on subscription box delivery day.

Dare to dream, my friends.

Dare to dream.