Top Tips for Starting a Subscription Packaging Service

subscription packagingNo matter what kind of service you offer, “(Fill-in-the-Blank)-of-the-Month” clubs are all the rage right now. From cosmetics to clothing, from snacks to stickers, building a subscription packaging brand is a great way to reach new customers in a fun and rewarding way.

But before you launch your new subscription service, there’s one big question you need to answer: How are you going to package and ship those goods? Here are a few tips and pointers to get you thinking about the best specialty packaging solution for your company.

    • Go Cardboard. When you think about e-commerce packaging and subscription packaging, the first material you probably think of is cardboard. And with good reason: over 90% of all products delivered or displayed in North America use corrugated cardboard at some point in their lifespan. The familiarity of cardboard makes it easy for consumers, while its customization opportunities still leave enough freedom to express your brand.
    • Consider Color. At the same time, not all cardboard has to be brown. You can choose white cardboard for clearer printing, or even full-color boxes that make your packaging pop. The classic brown, however, still gives off a very rustic, recycled look. Choose a color scheme to match your brand’s personality.
    • Stay Strong. The “flute” refers to the thickness of the cardboard. Most subscription packaging will work well with the standard 1/16″ E-Flute, but some items — like glass jars, for example — might require a thicker frame to ensure the safe delivery of your goods.
  • Be Creative. The most effective type of custom product packaging uses a design that matches the product. If you deliver clothes, choose a packaging type that will prevent wrinkles. If you deliver children’s games, make the box itself a part of the fun. Integrate your brand and your boxes in a creative way that will make customers excited to see your package on their doorstep every month.

Subscription boxes are fun and effective for delivering quality products right to your customer’s home. Make the most out of the experience with a great packaging design that will complement your product and get it into consumer hands safely, every time.