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Inspiration is something that everybody needs from time to time. We here at Packaging Design are no different, and we know that you are here for it, too. Sometimes, our inspiration comes from our clients, sometimes it comes from our talented and creative in-house design staff, and sometimes it comes from unexpected places. Occasionally, we check in with what folks all over the world are doing in the realm of packaging, and we find ourselves blown away by the new and creative things we find,


So here, in no particular order, are some snaps of stuff we created, manufactured or even just found on the good ole internet.  We hope you gain some inspiration from them, enjoy them, and just bask in the glory of all the ways the we all use corrugated every day to protect, display and ship the bajillions of products in this crazy world.




And some further inspiration from around the world!  And here!  And?  You guessed it.  Here.