Wow Your Customers with These 3 Custom Packaging Solutions

custom packaging solutions Have you been trying to get your products to fly off the shelf to no avail? Are your sales figures dropping on new or even existing items? Chances are that it might not be an issue with the great products you offer — it could actually be the result of your retail packaging design.

Don’t think that boxes are all that important? Think again! Packaging Digest reports that consumers make the decision to buy a product within five seconds at the retail shelf — and part of that appeal is due to how eye-catching a packaging design may be. In fact, around 70% of purchasing decisions are made in-store, so this truly is the time to make your products stand out among your competitors.

Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to WOW your customers if you incorporate attention-grabbing logos and designs on your product’s boxes. Here are a few different techniques that you can use to garner interest from consumers and maybe even help your products sell out:

  • Try packaging items “blind”: If you market collectibles, keep consumers guessing when you package the items blind. In other words, these boxes are all identical, with no indication of which product consumers will end up with. This is great for collectible figurines or game pieces, but many other industries might benefit from using this idea. For instance, candy makers may want to package different flavors of candy blind, and toy makers might want to do the same.
  • Make the packaging part of the product: If you market children’s toys, try using custom packaging solutions that make the box part of the toy itself. For example, you can print a setting on the inside of the box to use as a background for action figures. Even giving adult consumers something they can reuse or integrate into a product can be a fun and green way to reuse your packaging.
  • Create sustainable custom packaging solutions: Above all, what most people are looking for today is sustainability and products and packaging that are environmentally friendly. Try choosing recycled custom corrugated boxes and packaging, which uses 46% recycled materials and has low environmental impact on greenhouse gases, acidification, and non-renewable energy when created. Make sure you print a message to consumers letting them know they can recycle your custom packaging solutions, too. Why does this matter? It turns out that recycling an entire ton of corrugated cardboard can save over nine cubic yards of landfill space, so prompting consumers to recycle and using those recyclable materials can help save the planet, too.

What types of custom product packaging do you think would suit your business? Find out about your options when you get in touch with us.