Custom Furniture Maker Reimagines Wood Sample Kits with an Assist from Packaging Design

Wood Statements, a local custom table maker, came to Packaging Design with the challenge of upgrading their current wood sample kits to highlight a rebranding.  They were looking to increase the visual impact of the kit as well as have an option to send out individual or customized samples.

The Challenge

  • Create a wood sample kit to hold 7 wood samples 6” x 5 ¼”.
  • Enhance the visual appeal as compared to the previous sample kit.
  • Create a design which would be versatile enough to send out entire kits or just one sample at a time.

The Solution

  • Packaging Design’s creative team quickly designed a kit that could hold all XX samples and was sturdy enough for the sales team to carry with them
  • Packaging Design’s production capability backed up the structural design with the graphics they were looking for
  • This new sales kit enabled the clients sales force to increase their exposure and sales of leather products