5 Packaging Ideas to Raise Your Brand Profile

Unless your product is brand new, 100%  unique, or you have a monopoly, chances are you have competition. Whether it be on-line, in store, or via subscription, it can be increasingly difficult to differentiate your offering from others out there who do something similar or identical to what you do..


Packaging can be one effective way to grab your potential customers’ attention, elevate your brand image, and create a lasting impression that evolves into a long relationship.


Below are 5 ways that you can carve out your unique ideas and voice and engage with the world.

  1. Themed Packaging

Whether it’s through flavors that change with the seasons (think lime in the summer) a special product that only comes out during certain holidays (Peeps anyone?), or capitalizing on an event that happens in your distribution area (Kentucky Derby HAY), getting super creative with your packaging is a great way to engage with your customer while allowing you to showcase your product and company’s personalities while having a little fun. Everyone’s favorite elf (JK – I hate him) had some fun during the holidays using a corrugated box.


2.Eco-friendly Product Packaging

We have talked many times on the blog about creating packages that can be reused, recycled or upcycled. With food and beverage, there has been a lot of press recently regarding drinking straws. If your company’s mission does anything to contribute to saving the planet, your packaging is a great place to help tell that story.


  1. Product Packaging for the Social Media Generation

With the advent of sharing photos on platforms like Instagram, packaging has never been more relevant to the younger generations, or for anyone who really loves sharing. As of the end of 2017, the hashtag #unboxing counted over 475,000 tags, and You Tube posts featuring videos of people unboxing products increased 871% since 2010. Create a box that gets people talking, and you’ll get them sharing too. Talk about a win/win for your brand’s profile.


  1. Make it Art

This one is simple. The prettier, the better. Ask anyone how they choose a bottle of wine in a crowded wine store, and at least half the people you know will say they factor in the appearance of the label. Art sells. Even better if it can be a local artist or even a client. Imagine a contest in your town where you asked the school kids to help design a “special edition” box or label.  So much good press, so little time.

  1. Make it Easy

If there is a way to make your offering easier on people, help them save time, or reduce the steps they must take to interact with your product, you win. And so do they.  Convenience sells now, and it will for the foreseeable future if people feel in a rush.  And people always feel in a rush.

We hope you have found some inspiration to amp up your packaging game and take your brand to a new level. As always, we are here to brainstorm, assess your current situation, or help in any other way that we can.