Design Basics for Maximum Impact

When it comes to getting the attention of your target customer, whether in a store, on a computer screen, or now on a mobile device, the first impression has never mattered more. Getting people to notice your product is one of the biggest challenges that companies face with retail packaging design. Words like ‘bespoke’, ‘niche’, and ‘personalized’ are everywhere. Social media influencers are working their magic, telling their followers what to buy. Being different is all the rage.

When all things are equal about a product, and you have not yet had the chance to prove your worth with the experience of your product, the packaging is quite literally the thing that can make or break your success in sales.

If you are an e-commerce company, you don’t even have the advantage of having a customer pick up your package to learn more about it and make that tactile connection to your product.  It is all happening in the virtual world of a web store. When people are scrolling through a website, the image of your packaging is what’s going to make them click to learn more. Your packaging should communicate as much about your brand as you can while still being simple and easy to understand.

So how do you do all that? How do you get attention, communicate what your product does and for whom?

  1. Keep it simple – minimalism is a hot trend right now. Think about including only the absolute essential elements of what your product does and leave the rest to your customer’s imagination.
  2. Make sure it is part of the overall brand strategy. The look and feel of your packaging should be consistent with your logo, your company mission, and whatever other aspects of your company’s personality you are trying to convey.
  3. Be authentic – go easy on the hyperbolic claims and promises of solving all the worlds problems. Today’s consumers appreciate honesty and integrity over just about everything else. If there is a cause or issue that your company believes in, say that. If you are especially concerned about the planet, encourage re-use of the packaging and even consider saying that somewhere whether inside or out.
  4. Make it easy – it should be easy to open, easy to access any directions, and easy to either re-use of dispose of

There are a lot of compelling reasons that corrugated solutions are the choice for so many products today. Flexibility, ease of use and disposal, and sustainability are key as well as weight and cost.

Finally, making sure to use a qualified packaging designer who understands the intricacies of not only graphic design, but packaging production as well is another key to your success. A lot of talented people can make something look good, but fewer understand issues of how to make that design look good on a surface like corrugated cardboard. Please make sure to consult with professionals to take the guesswork out and make sure that your valuable brand is seen and received in the best possible light.