The Inside Scoop – Should You Use the Inside of the Box?


Between the advent and advancement of digital printing and the surge in subscription box offerings there is a lot to talk about when it comes to boxes.

A box used to be a box, and back in the day, they all pretty much looked the same.

But not anymore.  Just google “custom cartons” and your world will just about explode with options, colors, processes, and ideas.

It can be downright overwhelming.

For today, though, we are going to focus on what’s INSIDE the box.  Not what’s literally inside the box, but what is PRINTED INSIDE THE BOX.  The contents of the box is between you and your customer.  But printing inside?  Well, that’s where we can help.

So today’s question is “To Print Inside or Not to Print Inside?”

Well, Hamlet, here are a few things to consider, and some reasons why we think you should print inside.

  1. Because it’s there. You’ve got the real estate, you might as well take advantage.  You can do more with colors, and you have less to worry about with regard to damage being done by the carrier.  You, and by extension your customer, can have a lot more fun with the inside.
  2. It adds to the experience of the person doing the unboxing. This is all about branding and your customer reaction.  The messaging you put on the inside has a higher likelihood of being remembered, and it can feel more whimsical.  You can experiment with messaging and reinforce your brand .
  3. It has more staying power. Once the box is opened, people rarely go back and look at the outside of the box.  The INSIDE however, may get the benefit of the repeat gaze.  Perhaps the person leaves the item in the box for a period of time before removing it permanently.

We hope we have made a case for you to use (and have fun with) the inside of your box projects.

As always, we are here to help, answer questions, brainstorm, and help you make the absolute most of your packaging dollars.  Reach out to us anytime!