7 Creative Hacks to Make Your Customized Packaging Stand Out

specialty packagingIt is the holiday season again, and consumers all over the country are looking to purchase gifts to complete their Christmas wish lists. To make your company stand out on the shelf, it is important that you create specialty packaging in order to catch the eye of consumers everywhere.

At the end of the day, retail packaging is ultimately what sells your product, so follow these creative tips and tricks when considering your holiday customized packaging.

  1. Use patterns. Using patterns is a simple way to improve the product appeal. From stripes and polka dots to holiday prints, patterns pack a punch.
  2. Utilize all available space. When designing custom product boxes, use every inch of space that you can. This includes the interior of the box, the inside of the clamshell, or even the lid. When the customer opens up your package, these little accent details will make the gift seem more upscale.
  3. Give your own perspective. When you package the item, think of how you would like to feel when you open a gift. Then incorporate these details to the box; the consumer will for sure notice these personalized touches.
  4. Be bold. Interesting colors and patterns will work together to give a unique feel to the product. Not only will you stand out on the shelf, but the consumer will be more likely to remember your company down the line.
  5. Use recyclable materials. Being eco-friendly is so hot right now, and your clients will notice the extra step you are taking to protect the environment. You can do this by including a list of how to reuse the specialty packaging once the product is used up, or you can make the package out of recyclable materials. In fact, implementing packaging with multiple uses is one of the hottest specialty packaging trends of the past decade. In 2012, 91% of all containerboard was recovered and recycled in the U.S.
  6. Be sleek and simple. You can make just as much of an impact with sleek and modern packaging as you can with bold designs. Using clean lines, a subdued color pallet, and classic typography will go a long way.
  7. Texture, texture, texture. Instead of only relying on your specialty packaging design to make an impact, use the sense of touch to your advantage. Raised dots, swirls, and even fluffy elements in your package will make it much more memorable.

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