The Most Common Designs for Custom Packaging Boxes

custom packaging boxesFor over 100 years, corrugated cardboard has been a leading choice for branded boxes and packaging, in particular because it’s so cost-efficient. But that doesn’t mean that this industry has been stagnant over the past century. The dizzying array of choices for custom packaging boxes today boils down to a combination of advanced technological applications and innovative packaging solutions, making it possible to customize boxes in new ways every day.

While many of our customers like to think “outside the box” when it comes to their retail packaging or e-commerce packaging, we have a few tried and true forms of custom product boxes that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Read on to learn more about some of the most common styles of custom packaging boxes and how they can help convey your brand identity from the outside in.

  • The Cake Box

    This common type of top-fold box is named after one of its most common uses, as a carrying vehicle for cakes and pastries. The upper lid helps ensure that the treats inside stay undamaged and easy to access. However, this design is also great for other lightweight, sensitive items such as clothing or jewelry.

  • The Sleeve

    Cardboard sleeves are especially popular for electronic devices as a way to offer an extra layer of protection and security. They can also be used to enhance a dramatic “reveal” of the goods inside, as the customer pulls off the sleeve to access whatever contents are inside, from gaming consoles to jam jars.

  • The Hanging Box

    Compact custom packaging boxes with a built-in hanging hook are perfect for eye-catching retail displays. They meet the consumer head-on and at eye level to show a full picture of your brand. These are ideal for small tools, digital accessories, and even some cosmetics or beauty supplies.

In addition to their their popularity, these three packaging designs can be customized in a variety of ways to convey your personality, your style, and your brand to your customers. While there are endless ways to customize your packaging, there’s only one solution that’s ultimately going to prove most effective for your product. At Packaging Design, our goal is to help you find that perfect form of delivery.