Is Your Branded Packaging Really Eco-Friendly?

Branded PackagingMore and more consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the ways that their purchasing habits affect the global environment. They want to buy from companies who make an effort to minimize their carbon footprints, who care about preserving our natural ecosystems, and won’t contribute to the growing problem of overstuffed landfills and greenhouse gasses.

Whether they realize it or not, many companies are already on an eco-friendly path — simply because it usually costs less to be environmentally-friendly than not. But the more difficult task is finding a way to incorporate this global awareness as part of your brand and to use it to communicate your values with your current and potential customers.

One of the best ways to show you care is through custom branded packaging. Whether your products get delivered through e-commerce packaging or retail packaging, you can tell whole stories about your company mission through a simple box alone. Here are three ways to improve (or start) your eco-friendly branding through customized packaging:

  • Use recycled — and recyclable — materials. The majority of corrugated cardboard, for example, is made of an average 46% recycled material. That translates to a low environmental footprint in terms of greenhouse gasses, acidification, and the use of non-renewable energy sources.
  • Keep it natural. The earthy browns of cardboard naturally lend themselves to a “green” mindset. If eco-conscious is what you’re after, keep the inks and dyes on your branded packaging to a minimum.
  • Get a custom fit. The less material you have to actually use, the more you’ll save, both environmentally and financially. Find a way to get the just-right size for your packaging needs so that no space goes to waste. That might mean thinking outside the “box” for a creative shape that’s just right for your goods. Your customers will appreciate the minimalism, and will be able to spot your uniquely branded packaging from a mile away.

Striving to make your company, branding, and packaging appear more environmentally sustainable isn’t just about chasing the latest consumer fad. Your conscious choices can make a real impact on the world by reducing waste and preventing pollution. Eco-friendliness isn’t a phase; it’s the way of the future.