Custom Packaging: Politically-Charged Chocolate Bars

custom product packaging“Match your politics to your chocolate with six defiantly opinionated designs,” reads the new campaign slogan for Harper Macaw chocolate bars.

According to de Zeen, you can now choose to eat chocolate that reflects your political opinions thanks to new illustrative packaging designs by Design Army.

“I wanted to do something for DC politics to make it a little less ‘bitter,'” Pum Lefebure, co-founder and chief creative officer of Design Army, said. “DC is in the news everyday, but always for the wrong reasons.”

The chocolate bars include:

  • The Red State — which has a dapper elephant on the packaging for members of the Republican Party, elephant enthusiasts, or just chocolate lovers.
  • The Left Wing — A dark chocolate bar consisting of hazelnuts, so, naturally, the packaging is covered in protesting nuts holding signs that say things like, “I protest,” and “full of nuts.”
  • The Filibuster — Chocolate covered in peanuts and pretzels, its packaging looks more like a Dragon Ball Z comic with all the action-packed political speech bubbles.
  • The Taxation Without Representation — Created for DC residents because the area is not a state, but a federal district. Uncle Sam is on the packaging so DC residents can “vent frustration by biting his head off.”
  • The Tea Party — The packaging shows a large ship swaying in a sea of red, white, and blue as, presumably, boxes of tea, float around. There is also a shark with an American flag in space.
  • The Flip-Flopper — This chocolate bar is salty and sweet. The package for this indecisive bar is red on one half and blue on the other.

Custom product packaging like these new politically-opinionated chocolate bars is a great way to have products stand out from the crowd. If you’re a die-hard filibuster — and weirdly love bragging about it — and you see two chocolate bars on a shelf… one is a normal chocolate bar and one is called The Filibuster, which one are you going to pick?


Custom product packaging manufacturers have to put a lot of emphasis on retail packaging design so that products can actually stand out from others. This is more important than ever.

Just about 70% of all purchasing decisions are made while in the actual store where the product is, so the display appearance of that custom product packaging actually matters much more than you think! Packaging Digest reports that consumer decision making takes place within five seconds at the retail shelf. Only five seconds! Now do you think the display showcase behind counters are just there for no reason at all? Each company, each product, and each package has to have a high-quality packaging solution so not only are all the needs met, but the display looks terrific.

The U.S. corrugated boxes industry employs more than 70,000 people that think about the cost of packaging, the product that’s being packaged, and the actual appearance of that packaging.

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